1. EAWC TECHNOLOGIES Solutions EAWC Technologies was created to respond to the
    growing need in drinking water and proposes a water purification solution
    utilizing solar, photovoltaic energy and, when applicable, a mini-windmill
    or an alternate source of renewable energy. From the sea, lake, river or
    stagnant, water is passed through several stages of purification and
    treatment until it is rendered drinkable as per World Health Organization

  2. It bothers me to see how stupid and ignorant humans can be. CO2 is one of
    the most important building block of life. Now maybe you can explain how an
    oil spill fits in that category?

  3. Instead of the globalist delirium of razing carbon taxes and impoverish
    everyone a little more. You should tell our global leaders to fix humanity.
    Unless we become more free and the sickness called capitalist ignorant
    selfish egocentric greediness is been wiped from the face of our planet we
    are doomed. We don’t need money and excessive materialistic goods to be
    happy and healthy people. We human species are still unevolved we need to
    learn to share and embrace universal love.

  4. Biodiesel from algae is the best solution and they can make it work right
    now ! but that is not what they want it’s a scam to make money out of our
    ignorant people,

  5. Same like in India we have in northern Europe a lost continent where
    before the ice age we have hippos elephants many lost species of a warm
    tropic climate. The climate is always changing and the homosapians where
    always able to adapt to the situation. Only thing we really should be
    afraid of is a new ice age because it will kill off like 75% of the human

  6. Global Warming causes global freezing (Ice Age) But it is sad that we
    mainly care about our selves, we need to save other creatures and plants
    other wise we won’t survive. We have to fix the thing we started! If even
    the simplest thing like an Earth worm goes extinct, believe me! It ain’t
    going to look good!

  7. That was a mistake made by BP it has nothing to do with CO2 you are totally
    of topic. But yeah Biodiesel from algae is the best solution totally save
    and good for our environment it’s a give and take what will keep things in

  8. I did my own study and you know what I found out ! There is a hole in the
    ozone layer just a above the artic and how nature reacts to repairing the
    ozone layer that is to increase Co2 levels ! so all that global warming
    crap is Irrelevant we can’t control anything only thing we can do is to
    destroy natural processes and other things. After the earth circle is
    complete the ice will return it’s that simple !

  9. American bio fuel companies use Corn or weed to make bio fuels which is bad
    it causes hi fuel prizes and global hunger in Africa. While bio fuel made
    from algae plant is 1000x more efficient and sustainable. One grain
    contains 1.5% oil and one algae 64%. It is possible to grow algae plant
    very fast in one day and use a thermo compression method to create a clean
    100% crude oil. Usable for many products and fuel.

  10. Biodiesel from algae is sadly missing from this video. Hydrogen fuel cell
    sounds great and all, but driving around in a complex bomb is not. There is
    an old saying “keep it simple stupid” the designers need to revisit this
    concept. The solar segment in the video was wonderful, though I was hoping
    they would cover other systems as well. After all, we don’t have a “silver
    bullet” we have “silver buckshot”, the public needs to know the many
    solutions we have, that are available now.

  11. It is time to get serious about green energies, and stop burning oil which
    is the ultimate construction material and vey limited (not to mention the
    pollution…). We have some unlimited sources of energy, starting with the
    sun. All we need is a way to exploit it. It is one of the goals of The
    Truth Contest. Use google to find this great website, then click on the
    “Insights” link on the right side (bottom) and once you get there open the
    Green Energy & Tech insight and read what it says.

  12. Wait I don’t under stand are you telling him that the Bio-Diesel from Algae
    is good or bad! I’m a bit confused! The Bio-diesel is a scam?

  13. they can grow cheap oil from algae plant in huge plastic containers
    absorbing sunlight. Takes about 2 days than they take out the algae than
    give it a treatment so it becomes oil just like how they pump it out of the
    ground but it is much cleaner. Also to build a Bio algae plant facility
    should be a round the same cost as an offshore oilrig but this system is
    sustainable and efficient. If they build it large enough they could produce
    enough feul

  14. and yet here in american we’re drunk on oil. when its too late, that’s when
    we realize we took coal and oil for granted. true story.

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