1. Lol, you pay some random dude half the going rate to do work on your house,
    get no warranty, and then when it goes to shit complain that the entire
    industry is a scam? No, you got scammed because you’re an idiot. Get a
    contract, get a warranty, use a reputable installer.

  2. Cellulose blow in insulation is best, but if you must have foam, have foam
    panels fitted between your joists seal them with spray foam in a can. That
    method works just as well and you’re not subject to emissions. A lot
    cheaper too.

  3. They should have used a Dow product they spend tons of $ on testing and
    safety is job 1. They even did some testing in our local area to help teach
    installers the dues and don’ts of Dow products.

  4. R-Value is kind of meaningless when you have thermal bridging every two
    feet where there is a wood stud!

  5. I used closed cell foam (pricey), did it myself. Worked Awesome! Tried it
    on a corner room, removed heating at the same time. with door closed, at 0
    degrees f outside the room (with no heat) stays within 3 degrees of the
    rest of the heated space. No odor, and with closed cell foam, there’s no
    moisture uptake. I plan on finishing the rest of the house as I remodel.

  6. i see people use that foam all the time on tv shows and i always think its
    not that good of an idea , when its done Everything (studs,wires,ducks) is
    stuck there till the end of times , so forget about modifications
    afterwards …

  7. They shouldn’t need such an intense oil based product guarantee the
    installers screwing it up don’t have basic chemistry. 

  8. First time I heard of this but I never liked the stuff. When you need to
    make repairs or remodel it’s like working with concrete and rebar.

  9. That odor is caused when applying closed cell spray foam too much too fast.
    When you spray the foam it will offgas. You should spray a max of 2″ of
    thickness allow the foam to offgas and cool and then add additional foam to
    reach desired thickness no more than 2″ at a time. This will not happen
    with open cell foam you can apply virtually any thickness with one pass.
    Also closed cell foam can ignite when applied too thick at once. 

  10. As long as the foam is up to temp coming out of the gun, hot enough before
    spraying begins, that nasty fishy lingering smell never happens. This is
    irresponsible reporting, slandering a great product because of a bad
    Foaming my house was the best thing I ever did to it. It was done right
    and has made a HUGE difference in my ability to cool it in summer and heat
    it in winter. Plus, it’s quieter. I’ll never do fiberglass bats in walls
    or blown in cellulose again.

  11. Seems like the owners didn’t research a reputable company and are now
    blaming the technology. It’s like saying “the framers built all my walls
    20” on center, therefore the construction industry is to blame.”

  12. I agree the product had to be installed incorrectly. Or its remotely
    possible bad batch. But normally bad batch will not spray correctly. We
    spray test patterns and break it apart prior to installing. I wonder what
    brand they were shooting. Problem is there are people who put
    inexperienced spray gun guys on the job. Those are the Joe Bid Lows of the
    Industry. Makes the everyone else look bad.
    But If Fiberglass is installed incorrectly along with poor poly sealing you
    get mold. Especially between floors, I’ve seen entire bedroom ceiling
    between floors have mold in it Because of rim joist not sealed and
    insulated correctly.. So Every part of Insulation industry can have
    problems if installed incorrectly. Get a professional that is insured and

  13. I plan on doing this myself on the walls that go up to the attic as soon as
    I get the galvanized pipes replace that run along one of them. I may also
    remove the sheet-rock in my master bedroom and do it there as that room
    gets very cold in the winter. This is the way to go. You just have to make
    sure it’s mixing properly when you start.

  14. She is obviously really concerned as she is prepared to eat food that has
    been stored inside the home for days and allowed to sit in the toxic

    Load of rubbish this video! Get pros in, she probably got the super Un
    realistic quote and thought she was getting a bargain. So yeah deserves
    what she gets dealing with cowboys. 

  15. This problem is caused by inexperienced sprayers. You are supposed to Spray
    only a minimum of two inches of closed cell foam in each pass and let it
    cure for at least five minutes before you can go over it again. What this
    installer did was probably sprayed 4 inches in one pass and what happens
    then is the foam can’t properly cure. It will let off smoke for days and
    could probably cause a fire (that’s what that fishy smell is from). When
    that’s the case, the installer needs to go back to the job and tear every
    single square inch of the foam out and redo properly. Spray foam is by far
    the best kind of insulation to get installed into your home. Your heating
    bill will be cut in half trust me. Don’t let this video scare you. – I was
    a spray foam installer for 9 years and I do it right, not once have I had a

  16. I work in sales for an insulation contractor and have not had one problem.
    If done right it’s the best product available. However I would not retro
    fit a home with it and refuse to do it. New construction great. Retro fit

  17. Some people would complain if you gave them a new mercedes…..these people
    have a serious problem….and it’s not the foam insulation.. 

  18. Had my basement sprayed with 2 lb closed cell and the mix went wrong in one
    spot and in the sill boxes, it was sprayed too heavy in one shot. Made them
    clean out all the uncured sticky foam and redo it The result was a smell in
    the house that lasted for years. Still have it in parts of the house, but
    it’s embarrassing to have guests over and you just KNOW they caught a whif
    by the look on their face.

  19. This can happen. It’s not the fault of the spray foam itself though, it’s a
    function of the installer. If the spray foam is installed properly the
    odor won’t vent off and outgass properly thus trapping the odors in
    forever. They are right that you should get very competent installers, get
    referrals, etc. Read the Material data safety sheet on the foam they will
    spray into your house and ABOVE ALL read the installation instructions for
    the spray foam (ask to have them if you can’t find them) and go over them
    with the guy spraying the foam!! Most of these foams can only be shot 1-2″
    at a time. Make sure the installer (guy spraying) is well aware of this.

    These botched jobs are very rare, but if it’s your house, well you can be
    totally screwed. The only way to remove the odor is mechanical removal,
    that means scraping it all out to start again, a job that’s enormously

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