1. @kraal42 No it’s not, lol… Wind turbine fails, you get a broken wind
    turbine and some debris. Nuclear plant fails, you get toxic poisonous
    clouds, countless deaths and whole areas of uninhabitable land for
    thousands of years.
    Think again.

  2. @C Pt.2 New Orleans was largely evacuated- Southern California will
    unfortunately not have time. Where do you relocate that many
    people,anyway? I know many people play Russian Roulette with time and
    scoff&mock about disasters… but that’s only till they happen. Not
    worrying about these things and recklessly not caring are two very
    different things. If you prepare, you don’t need to worry. If you don’t,
    you’ll regret it. Don’t hold your breath waiting for help- especially from

  3. @jetpoweredgriffin Well, all I can say is I enjoyed it because you’re a
    lefty that actually doesn’t use the “F” word and it’s always nice to play
    “Real Hardball” with a leftist without that word. Take care.

  4. A commercial reactor is generally built by a company for the purpose of
    generating electricity for sale. They are also built to high standards
    which include containment structures. The Chernobyl reactors were built by
    the Soviet government to a much lower standard and had no containment
    buildings. The reactors were used to make plutonium for nuclear weapons and
    to produce electricity.

  5. @quinnweller Hi, I was joking to make a point about the potential
    differences at a macro level, in terms of impact from currently popular
    methods of energy generation vs. windmills. Thanks for your response.

  6. This doesn’t prove that anything is wrong with wind power, anyone with
    common sense would realize there was something wrong with it and to move
    away. Plus wind turbines aren’t in very populated areas. I see alot of
    people commenting saying “This proves nuclear power is better” well how
    about you count the number of deaths and birth defects it caused? Every
    energy source has its drawbacks. One wind turbine exploding because the
    wind was WAAAY to strong proves nothing.

  7. @ooofest there is no fallout, its just an electric motor being spun by a
    blade, nothing dangerous except for something like this happening

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