1. Excellent video Jeff, very informative. Thanks for doing these video’s
    with all the practical and logical information for everyone to use!

  2. Sir, thank you for this information! What solution can you give me about
    lightning conditions? Blessings from windy Cape Town ~ South Africa

  3. very instructive video.
    just the thing that i’m not sure about is about the output voltage entering
    the rectifier, is it constant or shouldn’t be there some device to regulate
    it to 12 v ?

  4. FANTASTIC VIDEO!!! (,,,the content is so good that the sound trouble at the
    end is totally forgivable) Thank you very much for making this video!

  5. Thank you. The first 5 minutes of this video saved me at least $100. I
    have been battling with wire running to my charge controller.. did not know
    that solid copper was a no-no.. even went with the heavier wire as wire
    gauge chart says it should handle my amps.. but only showing half of what
    should be there.. so i’ll be going with wire strand.. thanks again =]

  6. What keeps the wires coming off the win turbine from twisting if the
    rotates too many times in one direction? Are there stops with the mounts
    or something?

  7. Man, the best piece of info ever in the whole net. I had 2 days trying to
    understand the system until I landed here. Greetings from Panama.
    * loved it when you hooked up that radio something like KSHE 95
    came on…ha! 

  8. Is there any kind of material you can make blades out of that will rest in
    a large pitch but flatten out to a slight pitch at higher RPMs? I know this
    is probably a dumb question but I thought it was worth asking.

  9. Im making a wind system in my home country and i was wonder where can i
    get the main items for the control system and can i get some links

  10. I looked all over yotude, there is not one video’s on hooking up a 3 phase
    grid tie inverter, the plug and play ones, can you make one?

  11. I know quite a bit about them myself – which is how I can tell you aren’t
    full of marketing BS! – I wouldn’t mind trying to build a working version,
    of my own wind turbine design called a “Wind Engine” (search for you-tube
    video of a mock-up working model I built). Take a look at it and let me
    know what you think.

  12. all electricity flows on the surface of the wire. therefore stranded wire
    has vastly more surface area and so can carry more amperage AC or DC it
    doesn’t matter. more surface equals more amperage. For prof of this concept
    look to super high amperage cable they always have super fine stranded
    threads ie welding cable. Everyone should consider never using single
    strand AKA solid wire on anything ever ever ever.
    Looking at the death toll for romex wired houses should convince even the
    most skeptical

  13. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing about wind turbines….now let’s get
    “gone with the wind” with a wind turbine. Send me some of the wind you have
    up there :)

  14. Wow great no BS presentation sir! I’ve read so many ludicrous statements
    and wives tails from engineers – it’s good to hear straight talk! Thanks
    for the info!

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