1. It tickles me that a conservative “economist” who studies his models
    rather than the real world, is in the process of having his ass handed to
    him by entrepreneurs like Elon Musk who are actually changing the world.
    Photovoltaic prices have dropped something like 80% in the last 5 years.
    Suck it, junior.

    And, btw, try telling your grandchildren that borrowing money to pay for
    “expensive” renewables is a bad idea, but dumping waste in their atmosphere
    is a good idea.


  2. I don’t dispute his arguments. But I think he spends too much time talking
    about the past and using too much data about how it was done using
    technology that is soon to be obsolete. His assumption of the strong
    separation of transportation energy from electrical sources is one example.

  3. This talk does not address the harm global warming will cause worldwide. A
    huge increase in 4th generation nuclear could answer both issues, economy
    and carbon dioxide. Christ cared for the poor who will be the most affected
    by global warming. 

  4. Does anybody know where I can find that wealth throughout history graph
    online and the research that went into it? Thanks.

  5. You are the agent of dirty capitalist consortium. When the Last Tree Is Cut
    Down, the Last fruit Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize
    That You Cannot Eat Money.

  6. Jesus [Savior-God by name] said “Who do you say I am” (to his disciple) ?
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    GO GO Direct Earth Collectors, like solar collectors, but can preheat say
    fresh air into buildings all winter long. (or ice melt)
    any air temp ~ 7 degrees cooler than the surrounding ground. Right?
    If the ground loop is recirculated fluid governed in most cases to enter
    the source Earth-Coupled Energy Exchanger NOT TO FREEZE THE GROUND in most
    cases by by-pass controller. That is not to freeze the Earth of a usable
    trench or horizontal bore or vertical borehole if it causes a separation of
    the ground from the outside of a pipe wall. Usually at a bit above 26f
    entering the loop header in to the ECL gle ground loop exchanger,
    Earth-Coupled-Loop as a very coldest leaving-fluid temperature by control.
    All is then at say if coming from the ground loop out at 4 or 5f warmer
    degrees, then relates with methanol or glycol to about 5 or 4 gallons per
    9,600 btuh exchange of like needed flow in a 1″ diameter PE3408 dr-11
    plastic 160 psi piping used in the ground loop, deep enough to work well.
    The same system is usable for PROCESS COOLING and with a dry-fancoil
    cooler/warmer hybrid for exchanging with better ambient air temps, the loop
    can be a bit smaller than peak loading of a one or two-week period, or just
    to “boost”.
    Savings in process, pre-cooling can reach 94% as sustainable as instant
    solar and MORE so as it runs 11 months out of the year or all 12.
    [balancing in/out energy exchanges is easy]

  7. Unfortunately Prof. Andrew has not properly vetted his numbers or
    assumptions. There are so many errors in this work it is hard to know where
    to start. As a fellow Christian, I find research like this to be
    disheartening. Just one point to address as a simple illustration – at 25
    minutes in, the estimable Prof puts the cost of solar production per MW at
    $400 compared to Natural Gas at $83.09. His numbers are off by generations
    in the technology calendar. The current LCOE of residential solar
    generation is placed at $106 per MW including financing costs. This number
    is before any incentives are applied – just the straight open market cost
    of doing business. Commercial and utility scale have now dropped as low as
    $82 per MW.

  8. This is why America will no longer be considered a leading country in the
    world, in any category. Ignorant people like this, wanting for more money
    will lead the US to the ground.
    “God” help us all!

  9. So, in the first 2 minutes of this video, you claim that the reason we
    should continue to destroy natural systems is because some divine creator
    (for which there is no scientific evidence to support WHATSOEVER) just
    “put” it there? SO, your saying that this fictitious being (a supposedly
    all knowing and a loving being) put an energy substance in the ground for
    us to work tirelessly to get, use for our own greed, and during the process
    destroy the only planet in which we inhabit? According to you this being
    created this complex world , so its a contradiction and ridiculous to say
    that it was put here at our benefit, because it simply is not to our
    I think your judgement is clouded, because you cannot accept the fact that
    our human perfection and superiority (“placed on us by god(s)”) is a
    fallacy. We are using our resources in a irresponsible matter, which is a
    fact, and those actions are having serious testable , measurable,
    quantifiable impacts on our planet. To say “god put it here for us to use”
    you disqualify any of your arguments for logical discussion.

  10. It is good to hear the voice of reason among so many leftist lunacies. What
    people hate and are afraid of most is freedom and truth.

  11. Yup, some times in very polluted cities like L.A, the exhaust from a turbo
    charged car is cleaner that the air around it!

  12. The Chinese won’t buy hybrids or electric cars? Really? They’re developing
    the technology with the rest of the world and is now a national security
    concern for the U.S. government on battery technology, signed in the Trans
    Pacific Trade agreement with 200 participating countries, except the U.S.
    To consider the energy market as a global market is a distracting lie,
    because that is what the entire foreign policy is against. They commit war
    to control oil.

  13. There is actually a theory behind L.A. That so called “smog” on the horizon
    was likely there even before it became industrialized. There are early
    writings from native americans that describe this on the horizon. It also
    might be to the fact that it is right next to a desert.

  14. Not all green technologies are good for ones health. Especially electric
    cars. They have very toxic and hazardous batteries to deal with that last
    about 10 years. Solar panels also contain toxic materials. you have to look
    at it from an engineering method. When you strip away alot of it you’d find
    that alot of green tech is more hype than actual truth.

  15. He says quality of life has been the same since 1000BC to 1800AD. Lie #1.
    Life has improved 16 times since 1800AD because of energy. Lie #2. Humans
    haven’t developed, they’ve been farmed. Lie #3. Building a system from a
    finite resources is the definition of a self serving system. The largest
    pollutant is from burning biomass? Really? Yet another lie. Surfing the web
    has improved our lives? No, it’s improved sales, and distracted people from
    the truth. It’s also made them selfish.

  16. I watched this talk to 6 min 50. I thought this man was talking in the
    1950s. Then i look at the date. This is the bottom of the barrel in supid
    ignorant un educated tea part bull shit. What an imbecile

  17. That is why it is a big challenge. We dont need to make every car electric,
    Look up alge biofuel, they grow alge in farms that can be sustainable and
    that alge can be turned into crude oil which makes Petrol, Diesel, Jet
    Fuel, Plastics etc.. The batteries in electric cars can be recycled after
    use and be put into making new batteries.

  18. I think within 50 years we will be able to use cold fusion for our power.
    No emissions, 30 million years of fuel in the earth, huge amounts of power

  19. Why doesn’t US Department of Energy have information about Restoration
    Recovery Time Projections? Can anyone tell me what that is?

  20. Lets break this down: 0:00-2:50: You could easily argue ‘God gave us the
    sun and the wind so lets use it’. 2:50-4:00: No, we discuss moving away
    from CO2 emitting and finite energy sources. Not fine points. 4:04-4:24:
    Fossil Power Plants kill 20x more birds per kW/h, and Wind turbines make no
    noise. It’s the same as with cell phone towers and headaches. 05:30-7:15:
    Your nice graph is missing CO2, which you cannot filter out and does not
    converge to zero I could go on, but no characters left…

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