1. Trouble with a lens or reflector is you need to aim it at the sun. If you
    had something like a heat pipe enclosed in a vacuum flask attached to the
    hot end, it would not need aiming at the sun and may even work under cloud.
    Idea for a project:D

  2. SO, IT CAN BE DONE using focused solar power! I was thinking about somehow
    using a solar cooker, like ones with a curved reflecter like I use for
    several of my ovens. THIS IS GREAT STUFF! Keep posting more videos!

  3. Hey guys I’m in west leederville in Australia I have spare time I can do
    the labor and scavenge to help make this, also I have a computer science
    degree, get in touch!

  4. Despite what they say, there has got to be a way to allow this one to do
    some heavy work. Guess it would have to start out in rural area till all
    the bugs are worked out. Connecting to any grid would be tough.

  5. If you put a housing around the entire unit, from the lens to the stirling
    motor, you could capture heat for a regenerator, and further increase power
    output. and it would make the unit insurable for product liability
    insurance and homeowners insurance. Feel free to conatact.

  6. I head off to Africa every year. Would you like to help me set up and test
    some of these systems remotely? Can it generate electricity when tied to a
    generator? Have you done any more work on these? Cheers, – Alex

  7. problem is we would need an alternate source for night and cloudy days
    which i don’t see why we don’t make hybrid cars of electricity and

  8. I was under the impression that stirling engines were at 40% in 1984…. I
    though they had the record and is why the there is going to more projects
    involving it coming up soon….stay tuned!

  9. Ebay, it was a kit. I have several larger stirlings from our solar engine
    project. I should be selling some on ebay. They are bigger, stronger, and
    can take the heat. The hydrogen booster unit which added 1 hp is still
    secret but they still kick but.

  10. Even a small 8×10 in I have can ignite a 2×6 board in less then 5 seconds.
    Keep the lens covered when not in use. Now all you eBay profiteers, don’t
    be hate’n! Now get out there and make mother earth proud, reinvent the

  11. You know one can only imagine, if the chimney’s on trains were fitted with
    solar panels in hot country’s,who knows how far we would be today with this
    technology,the only problem is it would not be responsive enough.

  12. Wow, these look much more efficient than solar panels, Why cannt we use
    thes in a industrial size. or maby even 1000s of these on a field.

  13. Look up some information on heat pipes (mercury vapour looks promising).
    Then look up ‘evacuated tube solar water heaters’. Put the two together in
    a logical manner and you should have a heat source that can get hot enough
    to run an efficient Sterling engine.

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