1. I love this product. .. What is keeping me from having it applied is the
    cost. While I understand the cost vs savings over a long period of time,
    the initial estimates I received made me fall down!! Please tell me why the
    hell this is so expensive!! It’s certainly not labor intensive so why the
    crazy cost?

  2. I am thinking about having this done to my attic, but I heard that this
    stuff contains like 1% asbestos. Is that actually true?

  3. I just had it done to my house after watching your video, but it didnt
    expand as much as yours, do you know why? It is only about 1 to 2 inches
    thick, is that going to be enough?

  4. Hello. In your opinion, how much should it cost spray a 40 X 8 high cube
    shipping container. walls and ceiling. I would love to hire you for my
    project but i am in Florida. 

  5. i’m trying to apply for a job to do this, how hard is it? and i’m left
    handed, looks like he’s doing it right handed, would it be a problem for
    someone like myself?

  6. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on different types of insulation as we
    plan to build a home in Michigan. Foam seems like a great insulation, but I
    do have some questions if anyone can help…

    I like that this starts off green, but what happens with all of the excess
    foam that is trimmed off? Can it be reconstituted to be sprayed again, or
    is it headed for a landfill?

    I’ve read a number of complaints about people having severe health issues
    after moving into a new home that was insulated with foam. In some cases
    they blame foam in general. In others they blame the installers for not
    (mixing?) the foam correctly. Has anyone else heard about these, or know
    how to tell if you have a “good” installer that can get the mix right? I
    also see the installers are wearing respirators, so I assume there are
    fumes. How long do they take to clear, and how long will the foam continue
    to emit gases?

    Someone else asked about how hard it is to remove if you need to work on
    plumbing, for example. When I had to remove even a small amount of
    GreatStuff to do some plumbing it was miserable. Will I have the same
    issues, or if I hire a contractor, is my bill going to be higher?

    Sorry for the long post. I only get a chance to do this once, so I’d like
    to make sure we make the right choice the first time whether it’s foam,
    cellulose or even recycled cotton insulation (I won’t use fiberglass). I’m
    not willing to sacrifice the safety of my family for better insulation, so
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Tim

  7. Spray foam insulation is a good thing to spend some of your money. It has a
    lot of advantages regarding the foundation and beauty of your home.

  8. hey guys, i got some questions about your setup. what temps and pressure
    are you spraying at? and what mask. i like the idea of the roll off

  9. Thanks for sharing. Adding insulation to your home is a sound investment
    that is likely pay for itself quickly in reduced utility bills.

  10. How much will it cost me in the Netherlands? I am preparing to build
    container housing. And if this is possible in Holland, does anyone of you
    have any tips on how to actually apply this to the container itself?

  11. We had our home insulated with foam. It was about 6 grand in 2004. Our
    house is about 1200 square feet and it uses about 350 gallons of heating
    fuel for a year (home is in Maine).
    If you can afford it, do it! You wont be sorry.

  12. i want the job spraying…..also are you guys just walking around while
    this guys is breathing through a fresh air system? that might be why he
    keeps making that face

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