1. No…& somehow I manage to survive ­čÖé
    Too much for me to fiddle with ­čÖé ­čÖé
    M ´╗┐

  2. Once again, I deeply appreciate your style it mirrors my own in many ways.
    I will be employing a solar system like yours even though I know little
    about it. But the is no choice in the matter as there is no power in the
    area. planning a 500w solar system which I think will do the job. But I
    will be force to use an electric fridge but it will be a small one 7.5 cu
    ft. Any pointers would be of great help sir. As for me everything has to be
    on a budget, and very reliable. ´╗┐

  3. Thanks for your video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject .
    Solar Power is a very good thing for the planet. ..I live in texas as you
    know it’s oil city soo solar panels are not very popular. I have a solar
    system in my house. And l am happy man…..´╗┐

  4. To help the batteries and panels, why not switch from halogen lights to
    LED? I’ve done so on my sailing boat and it’s a no brainer for me: 2v or

    I’ve also seen off grid people making bio gas from septic tanks or other
    decomposing organic material to replace propane for cooking and even
    lighting. It’s very popular in India etc, Maybe it’s not done in North
    America due to safety features?´╗┐

  5. A very well put together and informative video. I appreciate how clear and
    concise you are. 7.5 minutes with no filler or “Uhmnn..er..well” waste is
    always nice. Thanks!´╗┐

  6. hello, I intend to build a solar systme probably not as goosd as yours ,
    canb you tell me roughly how many solar panels I would need to run just a
    few household items( chest freezer ,fan, lighting , and TV. I am thinking
    about four I would appreciate any advice you can give me

  7. hi there on the edta i am nedeing could you give me some info on how to use
    it our betterys we have are messing up sould would apresheate some info is
    there all diffrent kinds of it i want to make sure i get the right kind of
    edta thank you´╗┐

  8. Great job, thank you for sharing your experience and tips, now we know what
    to do when we experience the same problem….´╗┐

  9. EDTA is also used in boiler water chemistry. Interesting the similarities
    in our chemical usage. Next you’ll be sharing that you also use Mercuric
    Nitrate, Tri Sodium Phosphate and Mercuric Nitrate. Love living vicariously
    through your experiences. Cheers mate!´╗┐

  10. Hi MB, thanks for sharing your Solar Generation journey and experience. Was
    interesting. How’s the family? Cheers from Manchester.. David ´╗┐

  11. Thanks for sharing, this video has taken away some of the worries I have
    had with getting my own system up and running.´╗┐

  12. Hi mark. I see at around 4:20 you say you use propane for cooking and
    refridgeration, and wood for heating. I’m making a system for wood burning
    that will not only heat the house and water but power it too! the smoke
    can be easily converted to run a generator and propane fridge. The heat
    can heat the house and water. You live in a wood so plenty fuel. I
    don’t. So I’m in the process of integrating my system to gasify household
    waste through pyrolysis. Very simple and clean. You don’t burn anything,
    just heat it up and capture the gas. I should eventually be able to create
    a continuous flow system so I’l be generating power and gas 24/7 and
    because I live right on the grid, i’ll be pumping it straight into it and
    getting paid for it. Not just a plan but the life I’ve chosen for myself´╗┐

  13. iv got a kit s well but I also have something else and I find this better
    1. mppt tracer 30amp controller $170 /amazon
    2. (2) 105 watt grape solar panels $120 each /sears/amazon
    3. 600 watt pure sine power bright inverter $219 /invertersrus
    4. 1100 watt energizer mod sine inverter $100 /invertersrus
    5. (2) group 29dc batteries $90 each with a $10 2 years extended war.
    /walmart “note” this is the biggest in amp hour that my store has and its
    122 amp hours each
    this ran me under 1000$ and this is a good start I would recommend this
    setup instead of 4 HF kit but I have one as well but only 1´╗┐

  14. you do not need a pure sine inverter to feed power to a modern notebook
    tablet or other computer device! the notebook power supplies are switching
    power suplies and rectify it all to dc to charge and supply your computer
    so the pure sine wave is meaningless! also, polycrystalline solar are less
    than half the conversion efficiency you could hav gotten for half the price
    if you bought us made cells and assembled them yourself! not to mention 200
    worth of american monocrystalline cells would result in a 150-200 watt
    charge rather than 45 watts.´╗┐

  15. Well not sure about all of you, BUT I have 12 panels. When they were out of
    the box, Max amps I got for the 4 kits : 15.8 amps Based on my location
    deep south. I took them down a month ago I was getting around 15.2. Then
    again 15.8 was the best day I ever had recorded, it is very possible that
    the day was just Not as good as the last one but lets assume it is a lose
    which :: This is 2 YEARS later. So perhaps 1/2 amp lose over 12 panels so
    divide 1/2 amp into 12 is about ………(.0416) Hundredth of a amp; Not
    bad, not bad at all. And the HF panels are amorphous panels (Layer on layer
    is how they are made) I now use 6 of the large solar monocrystalline panels
    (230) watts per panel (1380 watts for all 6) All 12 of the Harbor Freight
    Panels were total of 180 watts. Honestly there good to LEARN, but not to
    run your house. They can trickle charge and such. However if you get enough
    you can run alot of LED Lights, for the 2 years I ran 14 LED lights in the
    house and 2 mini DC Ceiling fans. Each light (.35 amps) Each Fan (1 amp)´╗┐

  16. I purchased my kit last week. I’m using this to get a feel for how it all
    works. I know that I can build a more powerful system, but for now this is
    all I need. I have a few questions for you.
    Where did you get your wires from?
    Where did you get your fuses from?
    And where did you get those red switches from?
    I hope you can see a pattern. I am trying to find out where I can get the
    extra items. I am especially interested in the analog meter as well.
    Thanks and good luck!´╗┐

  17. Since I see your not using the solar charger controller boxes that came
    with the Harbor Freight kits, I am wondering if you still have them whether
    your willing to sell them to others?´╗┐

  18. I have the 15 watt panel,a inverter and a sunforce controller but its all
    to run my ham radio and cb its a good start for me but i will in the long
    run be going away to home depot and getting a little higher quality´╗┐

  19. That 300A breaker isn’t going to help you if you have a problem. You need
    to size the wire to the device and then size the breaker to the wire and
    NOT just throw a 300A breaker in and hope it works.´╗┐

  20. Good job!!! I also have 4 sets from HF…. Love my system … Why the use
    of the amp meter when your charge controller should tell you????? I just
    wanted to say…. Ya, when the power goes out… People complain… Not
    me…. During that super storm Sandi, No power here for 5 days??? But I
    had light, heat, charged up my electronics, internet…. And cold beer ­čÖé
    My neighbor next door was crying at his kitchen table by candle light cause
    he lost $300 in food…. And get more batteries….
    Also, don’t use 12 volt incandest bulds…. Go with 12 volt LED

  21. For camping, will this work to charge the battery during the day? Its just
    one 12 volt battery. The battery is used minimally, the only big draw will
    be the heater going at night. I was thinking about getting one of these to
    charge the battery during the day. ´╗┐

  22. This is the Solar Power System Harbor Freight Panels??? I purchased it and
    sure don’t have all those things you called, “Goes in this here, into this
    thing, over to that and this is this and that. All I got was 3 panels,
    couple of light blubs, a controller and that’s it? Me thinks you ought to
    change the name of your video.´╗┐

  23. Nice Job! Glad you skipped the lame basics and showed more of the over all
    results….Tired of watching videos of people screwing their converter to
    the wall….Tht’s a giveme´╗┐

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