1. are there ways in which solar power/technology can be used to build the
    wall of builds, and even walls; making all the developed environment a
    producer of energy.

  2. The big thing missing here is magnitude. My sports car produces the same
    amount of peak power that 37,000 ft^2 of solar panels could produce at the
    equator at noon on a cloudless day. That would be about 3/4 of a football
    field of solar panels. At $100 per ft ^2 it would cost 3.7 million dollars
    for a system that only lasts 17 years if they avoid hail. But it gets
    better, the farther you are from the equator the less energy is available
    and they produce no energy at night. The only viable replacement for fossil
    fuel is magnitudes higher energy on the Weak Nuclear Force level. I would
    suggest Thorium in the LFTR configuration. Remember coal , oil and natural
    gas is stored solar energy. Live solar power will NEVER replace fossil

  3. Cloth solar panels are now worn as hats in Japan.The power in stored in
    “Lithium underpants”and used to re-heat noodles at tea time.

  4. Hey Pete
    I have been watching and got the feeling you need a Phd in engineering
    and electrical.. Looking at those panels of yours makes me think that I
    need to go back to school or atleast a crash course.. And what about
    inexpensive .. I have plans for a power generator that require no gas or
    external energy.. Interseted?? You have to build it.. B

  5. They dont need to get worried, manufacturing solar panel and wind turbines
    use big amount of energy from power companies its just like give and take
    process I think…

  6. thank you for sharing this documentary since we really need to know more
    about energy alternatives to last for more years in the future…

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