1. @MrLeonard55 Hi, It depends on how many you need and if you need the
    Anti-Microbial formula that’s passed the ASTM G-21 test for preventing mold
    on the surface of the foam. What kind of project are you doing? Thanks!

  2. @patpathelps Hi, 602 board feet = 602 square feet at 1 inch of cured foam.
    That gives the seamless air barrier and the high r-value per inch. Check
    out more about what’s included and the special promotions at:
    SprayFoamDirect. Thanks

  3. @Hollrobb Hi, This would be perfect because it will give him a tight air
    barrier, great r-value and water resistance. It will also help keep out any
    pests. The kit in the video does roughly 602 board feet, which is 602
    square feet at 1 inch thick. Check out more at SprayFoamDirect and let me
    know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  4. @MrLeonard55 Sounds like a very cool project. Give us a call at
    1-800-516-0949 so we can discover what you need and how to get the right
    high performance solution to fit your budget.

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