1. the principle of buoyancy – gravity energy extracton is a valid and
    scientifically correct one. There have beem many proposed and patented
    systems based on this princi8ple but not one single one of these has
    been proved to be viable. The energy required to produce the compresed air
    consumes most of what the system itself produces and no surplus energy is
    available for external utilisation. The efficiency of the system has been
    stated to have been 85%. This figure would itself establish the fact that
    less energy is available as ouptpup than the input energy. So where does
    the extra energy come from it at all? Clarification is most certainly in
    order here and your updated video will to looked forward to for
    clarification of this and also additional design details. Thank you and all
    the best to you.

  2. Why not remove the water from the larger tank and use whatever system you
    filled the tank with to simply fill the smaller tank and use its weight to

  3. Yes, it looks to me like you are essentially letting water fall through the
    system, and instead of a turbine or Pelton wheel, you are using the
    “dumbwaiter” (no offense) as the thing the water has to fall through on the
    way down.
    So you need to be in a location where you have a usable head of water that
    you didn’t have to pay for, like a dam or waterfall. The advantage must
    come from the upward travel, where you are also generating power by
    utilizing buoyancy, not just on the downward travel.
    I can see why you need trick valves. Where may I find the patents? The
    website listed doesn’t seem to be working. I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve
    gone out of business already.

  4. The graphic with the trucks is total incorrect, the 1000cft box would not
    lift the trucks all the way to the top, as it looses power the closer it
    gets to the surface, if it had exactly enough force to lift them it would
    travel upwards less than a foot before it was over come and stopped.

  5. You would need to locate this next to some sort of naturally fed water
    source due to the fact that when you release the water at the bottom it
    would eventually lower the overall water level. Otherwise your using extra
    energy to pump water back into the system. Just saying. 

  6. nice video haw does the water escape at the bottom? At least include
    this info in your presentation.I thought you were an engineer of sorts !

  7. Think of this unit at the bottom of a dam. When you open the bottom valves
    the water is released into the lower stream, then replaced in the HYPEG
    with water from the reservoir above. Ideally the HYPEG would be as high as
    the upper water level for maximum energy retrieval. This unit represents
    the basic science meant only to show concept, more sophisticated devices
    are much more efficient. Put Fundy Bay water elevation into this formula
    and there is enough electricity for the world.

  8. so what is done with the water once it is emptied out in the bottom through
    valves and chamber is “replaced ” with air? you have to get rid of it and
    doesn’t that take energy?

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