1. He is correct about the batteries if you use a low voltage battery system..

    IE: 48 volt or 24 Volt, BAD deal,,, to get 80% or better storage out of
    your batteries you need a 120volt battery system. Also it helps to keep
    your panels cool, splash water on them and you will see the difference.

  2. Hi MJ, I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out previously, but you
    can’t add percentages together to come up with the total power loss. You
    have to consider the power loss over each item. For example, a 40% loss on
    100 units leaves 60 units. A further 25% loss (on 60units) leaves 45 units.
    However, you added the percentages together which would have given the
    result as 65% loss leaving only 35 units. So the overall losses are not
    quite as bad as you calculated. Hope this helps.

  3. excellent info!!!…….ive fabbed 3 tracking solar arrays for the back
    yard and your numbers will definatly help in the tweaking of the
    system….what the heck..its a hobby…Lol

  4. Really nice videos and I really appreciate your hard work put in here, but
    I see a mathematical flaw in this video. When you add up percentage losses
    you just sum it up like 2%+10%+5%+3%+7%+30%=57%, but that is wrong, because
    if let’s say you have 100W of energy – 2% power tolerance = 98W, then 98W
    gets 10% heat loss = 88,2, then 88,2 – 5% because of dirt = 83,79, then
    those 83,79W go through wires and loses 3% more and go down to 81,28 then –
    7% = 75,6W – 30% (batteries) = 52,9W left (100 – 52,9 = 47,1W and 47,1%
    lost from 100), so instead of sum of 57% this should be around 47,1%. You
    just can not sum up %, because your next loss will always lose some part
    only from that amount which is left from previous losses not from full
    primary amount. It can look like a little mistake, but sometimes numbers
    can differ radically if you just sum up percentages, just imagine if you
    have four losses of 25% each in a row, then by adding up you get 0 energy
    left, but in reality there is still 31,64% of starting energy left after it
    goes through all those four losses of 25% in a row.

  5. I dont understand what if i live in South cali and i have a 1000Watt System
    and its around 80F or 100 on a high in the summer what would my loss be if
    they get hit by the sun from Noon – 7 at night please Help Let me know if
    you need more info 

  6. My critique, trying to help. Maybe purely on a sales type, than arguing.
    From a base point, depicting energy production from a max, descending to
    various “losses”, sounds technical, but it’s (sorry) you habitual way of
    deducing life decisions. That’s only to say, it’s personal to you, not
    universal. That “cup half full” thing, basically. That is to say, without
    solar you are at ZERO. Therefore, 0 is the starting point, & ALL energy
    production exist in positive terms. The only “loss” of energy, is drawing
    from the grid. 1,000 watts isn’t a 30% loss, it’s a 1,000% increase from
    non solar. If the conditions only produce that much, it’s not a loss;
    unless you convince yourself it is. Compare it to drawing from the grid,
    that might help. I like this though. We, humanity, needs this; people like
    you. Thanks.

  7. I have a portable solar generator I bought from Solutions From Science. It
    has 2 – 100 watt panels and 3 – 80 AH batteries. I was trying to get it to
    run a chest freezer and a battery backup sump pump charger, it provided
    power for both of them for about 3 days when it showed the batteries
    starting to weaken. the unit can be expanded up to 4- 100 panels and 4 – 80
    AH batteries. Just was trying to figure out how much power I can get from
    this setup without using the AC charger the unit comes with to charge the
    batteries. Thanks for the video !

  8. I want solar panel system installed at home,I was told it is not cost
    effective ,speaking in generalities i.e.the initial cost of installation
    …concerned thanks in advance I subscribed 

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  12. If you don’t have an electric grid to earn credit on you could use that
    spare energy make Bitcoins then spend them instead. As they charge 15p in
    the UK but only pay 5p for your production, it still works out better to
    turn the excess energy into Bitcoins!

  13. Hello MjLorton.
    I am facing a problem. My array size is 29kW and my grid tie size is
    37kW(array size +30%). I cant find a suitable grid tie converter for this
    size and i am wodering can i use multiple grid tie converters attaches to
    the same solar panel system. For example 4 grid tied connectors with a
    rating of 11,500 W tied together.

    Thank you

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