1. Would this cure my condensation problem in my garage due to my metal
    roofing…It just about rains in there in the winter time when I have the
    woodstove going.

  2. Save yourself some time and go to 12:00
    Or save even more and skip the entire video, this guy doesn’t seem to know
    what he is doing.

  3. Depending on the specific situation, spray insulation is superior. For
    instance, if you are insulating a van, spray will prevent moisture from
    reaching the metal and corrode. In home, the spay can fill up air-gaps,
    especially around electrical outlets.

  4. I own a spray foam business. These DIY kits are bad and I’ll tell you why.
    First off unless the job is so incredibly tiny, it would be cheaper for you
    to hire a professional applicator and have everything done verses buying a
    kit and still having to do it yourself. Secondly who out there follows 100%
    of the safety rules out there? Those filtered masks aren’t approved for
    interior work, because they don’t filter out 100% of harmful fumes.
    Exposure to Isocyanate fumes can have very negative side affects to your
    respiratory system. As an applicator, our fresh air is pumped to us from
    outside the structure. They are full face mask because even fume exposure
    to the eyes is bad. So save yourself money, time, and the health hazard and
    just have it professionally done. 

  5. FYI, the fumes don’t give you any kind of buzz, but they do indeed give you
    a very heavy chest and red eyes that burn. You even get haze eye which can
    be painful, sensitivity to light and very cloudy vision. And it lasts for
    days. I found this out on the first job I ever did with a filtered mask and
    safety glasses. After that I immediately bought a forced fresh air system.
    Oh and if you have asthma, exposure could cause a severe asthma attack.
    Just throwing that out there, I’m not some big safety gooroo or nothing. 

  6. This was a great video. I bought some two part sprat foam which included
    all the right tools. this video told me what to look for, how to apply the
    nozzle and problems to avoid. I finished three ocean containers with it.

  7. Incredibly bad system! It takes quite a long time, is certainly very
    expensive and is probably not fireproof either! Should we then go and cut
    clean to be able to put up such as plasterboard, it is a very tough system!

  8. Always a good idea to fireproof your polyurethane foam since it is highly
    toxic when it burns. We have a latex fire retardant coating for either CC
    or OC poly foams which will render a 15 minute thermal barrier.

  9. I used foam on one room as a trial. I foamed it up to the studs. Result?
    One thing that I did learn prior to trying was to always use CLOSED CELL
    foam. It will not soak up water and cause problems. It also acts as its own
    vapor barrier. As I refurbish my house I will foam each room as I go.
    Should drop my heat load by a very great degree. Why is it so expensive? I
    would guess because of how much it saves in fuel over the long haul. Not
    only that, but your home will be quieter and move comfortable.

  10. Couple tips for you DIYers, don’t spray vertically. As you saw, he had to
    go back and hit the corners of all the studs again. Its better to spray
    horizontally & use your wrists to hit the corners. Start at the top or
    bottom, with your gun 2/3’s over in the space you’re spraying. Slow
    straight line, finish in the other corner and stop spraying, go 1/2 up
    where you just sprayed your line and spray the next line. You should be
    able to fill those gaps in no more than 2 passes. It’ll also cut down on
    you over spraying and having to trim the foam afterwards. Also, once you
    sprayed it and it’s starts to expand, don’t re-spray until it’s fully or
    you’ll blow the foam off like he did @ 13:12. It’ll need a few minutes to
    cure, then you can spray over it again.

  11. That hat is not OSHA compliant! You’re spraying without your hood up!
    You’ll go deaf if foam gets blasted into your ears! ARGH! ARGH! 

  12. What’s the purple cover on the right side you have them flush in between
    the studs look like a bit of foam around it is that a way to level it prior
    to drywall

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