1. VaporheadATC
    At 7:57 guy wiping off side wall close to the bottom of the horizontal
    tube, at 8:17 note the 2 workers standing on the inside platform. 8:27
    workers inside the cylinder hanging above, how did they get there if not to
    walk under a suspended load. 8:41 cylinder lifted over 2 workers standing
    on the inside platform. OSHA clearly states, at no point are workers to
    expose any body parts, hands, head, arms, legs under a suspended load. If
    this video was shot in the US and OSHA happened to view it, this erection
    company would be sighted for suspended load violation.

  2. Getting ready to harvest the wind….no pollution from coal to deal with
    and no nuclear waste to deal with. Land owner gets paid rent and the local
    government takes in taxes. Win,win but then we have NIMBY’s. They only
    think of themselves and want to be catered to.

  3. *Caher Downey* windfarm (Ireland)
    *General data*

    Wind farm name: Caher Downey
    Country: Ireland
    County / Zone: Cork
    Total power: 9 MW
    Estimated annual production: 21.0 GW.h (for an equivalent of 2,300 hours of
    full load/year)

    Commissioning: 2012
    4 turbine(s) Enercon E70/2300 (power 2300 kW, diameter 71 m)
    Total nominal power: 9,200 kW
    Onshore wind farm
    Developed by: Energia
    Operator: Energia
    Owner: Energia

    Update for this sheet: 04/2014
    Complete/correct this sheet:

  4. You don.t use the term “incorrect” to describe inaccurate statements by
    the wind farm industry. The word is “LIE” 

  5. As cool as this video is, here in the US we have laws protecting employees
    from working under suspended loads. These guys are insane!

  6. Video description states the windfarm is 2500m above sea level. The highest
    point in Ireland is about 1030m above sea level, so this must be incorrect.
    Thanks for the video.

  7. Cheers Andrew Great video in a great country, Reminds me of home just over
    the sea in Scotland now living in Thailand for 16 years,Wish I was 25 again
    would love to have been driving these rigs,Spent most of my working life
    Lorry driving ,Look foreward to more of your videos Thanks…

  8. im surprised at the mighty 143 needing a tow up those hills , might just be
    as a safety precaution , sure the old girl is probably pushing the foden up
    the hill too .

  9. Thanks for the comment Kieran Glover yes the tow was only precautionary the
    Turbine is 2000feet above sea level there is a shot from the back of the
    lorry climbing the last bit of the hill you can really see the steepness of
    the climb from this shot ….. Thank again

  10. More birds are killed by skyscrapers in a year than turbines. More bees by
    pesticides. Do proper research… Not just Google either.

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