1. Renewable energy, hop to help our planet to not destroy us.

    The EU says:
    What do we want to achieve?
    The EU aims to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.
    Renewable`s include wind, solar, hydro-electric and tidal power as well as
    geothermal energy and biomass. More renewable energy will enable the EU to
    cut greenhouse emissions and make it less dependent on imported energy. And
    boosting the renewable s industry will encourage technological innovation
    and employment in Europe.

    This is the target that Europe is promising to the World and we support
    that. Albanian Scientific Research Center, ENERGJI SHQIPONJE (EAGLE POWER),
    not only support the EU promised target, but we guarantee that target to be
    achieved. We do contribute to, the Europe to be less dependent to foreign
    Energy, the EU to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020,
    thousands of new jobs, economy generation push.
    That is a promise.

    How we share the Business.
    We looking for investors to fabricate this machine.
    It is important to us that to shear our business on National bases for the
    benefits of our World. We are open to the proposals of Hydro-Power
    Companies to collaborate on exclusive bases for this industry. That means
    they can operate independently on they on Countries in collaboration with
    Energji Shqiponje (Eagle Power).

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