1. This video is a massive pile rubbish. It is nothing more than wind industry
    propaganda. The whole industry is a scam 

  2. I wonder if there is a day that we wont need to use nonrenewable energy and
    fight over what is the best clean and sustainable energy source that we
    might use in the future.. 

  3. prism reactor gets its uranium form seawater and will not melt down due to
    overheating the physics prevent that the design is based on ifr so safe
    jihadi’s can be in the control room just don’t let them have the fuel. wind
    makes 9 grams co2 and nuclear makes 12 grams of co2 gen 2 reactors ifr and
    prism is gen 4 wind cost the same as nuclear when you account for back up
    plants and excess power can make diesil and jetfuel from co2 in air/
    seawater it’s all ready cost effective in us navy aor’s and a peace of
    uranium size of a sugar cube can power your life from cradle to grave 

  4. I’d like to see: A) Solar panels on every possible existing man-made
    surface to minimize loss of open space. B) Small wind turbines (maybe 50
    feet max.) on an individual user scale. C) Some large OFFshore wind
    turbines, within limits. D) Nuclear plants or pods in the safest possible
    areas. E) A lot more conservation and personal restraint. F) A major effort
    to stabilize world population so demand doesn’t keep rising.

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