1. Optimus sold out to the man! I remember when he used to be cool, when he
    was made of metals and had long smoke stacks that your little brother could
    poke his eyes out with. Not now man. Now he’s all…wait, what was I

  2. Jon, I am envious that you can have this animated so well, but I’ll try to
    use that as inspiration for my own TF parodies instead of pure jealousy! 🙂
    So, thanks for that! This was a great premise. Also, great to hear Victor

    BTW – I noticed Soundwave has a purple autobot symbol at 3:35. Hehe. 

  3. Hey +JON 3.0 can you do more transformers videos cause it’s my favorite of
    all time i’m a girl that. Want see it ^-^

  4. God the models are amazing. Hey, in gmod we are really lacking transformer
    models. All we got is a couple dark of the moon characters (and I mean like
    6 characters) and 3 fall of cybertron characters. It would be just perfect
    if you were to get these made compatible with gmod, because everybody is
    just looking for a good dose of g1 in thier gameplay, as well as art from

  5. Fantastic inaugural episode Jon! The production value was excellent for a
    web show and I loved every bit of it! I can’t wait to see where you go with
    this concept!

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