1. I have a secret way to prevent bird kills by wind turbines. It is the
    karmic use of shambalic energy. More birds get killed by office windows
    than rotors. You can use shambalic energy in a ritual cabalic way of energy
    exorcism to extinguish the luminous glowing orbs inside the work havens and
    lo, the birds flieth not into glassy walls. Other forms of shambalism may
    entice Avian life forms to select alternate pathways.

  2. Worked for a major turbine Comp:Gas,Steam and Wind.The large wind turbine
    looses a blade and the whole thing come down.

  3. “Darrius Turbine” = Officially DEPRECIATED turbine design, see ‘Gorlov’!
    “Gyromill” = Most common backyard wind turbine!
    “Gorlov Helical Turbine” = Current evolution of the Darius turbine design!
    “Savonius” = Officially DEPRECIATED turbine design, see ‘Gyromill’!

  4. where the fuck do you come from primitive guy? Wind is probably the most
    efficient way of producing electricity and and if you are against it go
    back to your cave burning charcoal and crude oil.

  5. that composting toilet must do really well with you around, mate – Unlike
    you I don’t go around parroting unsubstantiated rubbish, so you can talk
    about glib – heres a FACT – yes I have a small VAWT, it has yet to kill

  6. oil spills habitat destruction due to mining in order to acquire coal acid
    rain caused by sulphur dioxide emissions coal fired power plants release
    radioactive materials (look it up if you don’t believe me) if you are not
    satisfied with the list i have provided please do even the slightest amount
    of research and you will instantly be proven wrong.

  7. Show proof that fossil fuels kill animals and I’ll believe it. And don’t
    start with the global warming crap. I assume you’ve heard of the numerous
    ice ages this planet has had. All that ice thawed, you know wanna know how?
    It certainly wasn’t because of people burning fossil fuels.

  8. Don’t bother. People like him will never get it. It’s just easier to watch
    a bird get hit by a turbine fin than to imagine animals dying off due to
    the effects of toxicity and pollution on the ecosphere and whatnot.

  9. hahahaha…I wonder how many species and ecosystems coal and oil have
    destroyed? Is that still the better alternative for you?

  10. if you use a windmill you will probably end up killing a smaller amount of
    organisms than getting your power from conventional methods such as coal. I
    am aware that you live off-grid so wind power may have no advantage over
    other renewable energy sources but for people living “on-grid” wind
    turbines maybe killing 2,000 birds per year is a lot better than coal
    plants killing hundreds of thousands of birds as well as any other type of
    animal per year.

  11. So you are trying to teach us that birds and honeybees are able to be
    killed by fast moving blades? Interesting, except for the fact that more of
    these animals will die without wind turbines to make energy for humans that
    live in areas that can not profit off of solar or water energies.

  12. I’ll just let you carry on thinking that burning fossil fuels is a better
    solution than using wind power. At this point I don’t even care anymore. I
    will not reply to any future comments nor do I wish for you to reply.
    Goodbye you person.

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