1. I am totally ignorant on the subject, but wanting to learn. So if my
    question seems ignorant, help me out please. Exactly what could be run on
    the power produced by this particular set up?

    I am wanting to run LED lighting panels, or lights, in my home.

    Looking forward to some constructive advice.

  2. LOL….come Winter his battery acid freezes???
    Winter doesn’t freeze our car’s batteries, why would it do that in his
    insulated bldg??? Where do you live, Antarctica???

  3. Spend some more time on clamping your cables down with non conductive
    clamps or better yet run all your cables in plastic electrical conduit.
    The tears or fire you stop may just be yours! Another idea Circuit
    breaker, just trying to help.

  4. Nice system! I’d like to build a system similar to this. However, I live
    way down here is Mississippi. Here in the summer we swelter under intense
    heat most way through. So, can the batteries and that inverter handle the
    heat outdoors like you have, or would it be better to put mine just inside
    my home? We’re talking in the 90 most of the summer!!

  5. Nice job …but you need more battreys.,.. I have 10 on mine and am running
    a 12 volt system . Nice job looks great

  6. Nice setup. You should put a loop in the wires for your panels before they
    go into the insulation and down the PVC. Moisture and rain will gather at
    the bottom of the loop and then drop to the ground instead of following the
    wire down the insulation and into the PVC.

  7. hmmm, those solar panels are probably 100 watts each and since you have 4
    of them then most likely they’re only 400 watts total. I’m having
    difficulty understanding where you got 1000 watts from …

  8. I like this, I can build several thousand of these in Nigeria and
    completely eliminate the use of generators in that country.

  9. can you tell us what size household does this system run ? how many
    appliances,lights,heaters,refrigerator,water pump,heater etc…?

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  11. You may want to change those deep cycle batteries, they are not made for
    constant draw/charge. You would prob get better results from some golf cart
    batteries, or solar batts.

  12. I’m wondering if you could have saved some money on the wire by joining
    some of the wires closer to the panels. Is it possible to NOT make a home
    run for each panel?

  13. I agree with the note to buy another inverter this chinese garbage belong
    to trash…
    they wrote 5000 watts and in fact it’s just less 1400 watts ,when you open
    its cover you find a garbage literally…soldering like shit ,board is
    broken , extra wires solders,and even (trust me) hammer beating on heat

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